Samoro S.r.l. has been operating since 1973 in the production of mechanical components and testing machine both automatic and manual, from 2023 O.L.F.A. S.r.l.
Samoro has been working for decades with the most important worldwide leaders in the mechanical sector: SKF Industries worldwide, for which produces testing equipment and production machine for bearings; Dana Group; Imi Ferrara S.p.A.; M4U S.r.l.; PrimoTECS S.p.A.; Torneria Serra S.p.A., SFC Compositi S.r.l.
Samoro is ISO 9001 certified and every production and sale process respects precise procedures and controls. Moreover, to ensure the availability and traceability of the products, was adopted as a management system Zucchetti.
Samoro is based in Rivoli (TO) and is part of I.R.I. Luxembourg S.à r.l. since 2019.